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Giant boyfriends should be good for big laughs, right? That's the premise of this "Start of something different" spot for Nestea by Wieden + Kennedy in London. It tells the tale of an average gal who starts dating a lovable oaf who's as tall as an allosaurus. (She probably thinks she can change him.) There's no huge comic payoff, nor is the scenario a massive disappointment. It's mid-sized comedy with enough sight gags to elicit some smiles. Our smitten kitten skims stones across the waves while Jumbo uses boulders. Gleefully riding on his shoulders, she smacks into the branches of a tall tree and falls to the ground. (Smiling, unhurt, still smitten—no hint of abuse here!) The best bit comes at the end, when our titular titan downs an entire bottle of Nestea in one gulp. It's about the size of his pinkie. With Bloomberg threatening to ban the sale of large, sugary drinks at many NYC venues, this odd couple better not honeymoon in Gotham. When the big guy gets thirsty, 16 ounces just won't do.


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